Friday, November 9, 2012

The Porter Square Podcast, Episode 8: Adam Miller - Among the Ruins

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Jason Yarmosky and Martin Wittfooth have a chat with their dear friend and fellow podcaster Adam Miller, who's show Among the Ruins opens at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica on November 10th, and runs through December 1st. We discuss the theme of his show and go on a few tangents on related topics, and dissect the ideas behind a few specific paintings in the series, all of which are shown below. For more of Adam's work, please visit, and to see Among the Ruins at the gallery's website, see

Intro music: "The Last Dead Honeymoon" by Aderbat.

Among the Ruins 79" x 57" oil on canvas
A Gentle Breeze 36" x 48" oil on canvas
Somewhere Over the Rainbow 36" x 48 oil on canvas
Leda in the Gulf 60" x 46" oil on canvas
The Lotus Eater 23" x 23" oil on canvas

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