Monday, April 9, 2012

The Porter Square Podcast, Episode 2: Nicola Verlato - How The West Was Won


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A conversation with Italian-born/Los Angeles-based painter Nicola Verlato. We discuss his current solo show, "How the West Was Won" at Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York, the current state and future prognosis of representational art, and various other topics.

Intro music: "Memento" by Omega One, on The Lo-Fi Chronicles (Nature Sounds 2005)

"The Conquest of the West", oil on canvas, 80 x 54 inches, 2012
"A Whiter Shade of Pale", oil on canvas, 96 x 60 inches, 2012
"Take the Road to Nowhere", oil on canvas, 59 x 96 inches

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  1. wonderful dialogue on the major cultural and psychic forces in play today. really seems to boil down to how masses of individuals interpret the immediacy of experience,the narrative(text) or via the senses. way cool podcast.....